Information Aggregators

It is easier than ever to find out new information or share your own personal ideas nowadays because of the advancement of technology. But this information, while appreciated by everyone, is even more valued by marketers. According to the whitepaper article “From Information to Audience – The Emerging Marketing Data Use Cases,” this is probably the most significant commercial opportunity since the World Wide Web emerged. The ability to receive “big data” allows marketers to better understand consumer thoughts, meet the needs of consumers at the perfect time, and create and maintain long-term consumer relationships.

This big data can be obtained through various platforms like news websites, blogs, Facebook, and Twitter among many other methods. Along with that, anyone with access to the Internet can contribute to this data production. Consumers share thoughts on brands and products while also spreading industry and company information. It is key for marketers to understand this information. But, because anyone can share information through virtually any platform, it is essential to weed through the information to figure out what is actually reliable and use it to make customers happy and a profit.

The Whitepaper article included an example involving Catalina Marketing and how this company used the data with their clients. This marketing firm used sales information from both online as well as offline, making it easier to really comprehend what the data is showing.



It is clear how these studies are beneficial for marketers, but do you think these studies are useful for consumers as well?

What is the best way for a company to take advantage of all of the “big data” online?


4 thoughts on “Information Aggregators

  1. One benefit for consumers is of course ads will be tailored to their likes. I have mentioned it before I usually just scroll right past the advertisement but maybe I would be more inclined to stop if it was something I might consider interesting.

    I had the same question about the management of “big data.” It seems most fear the amount of information they gathered. Experts suggest to start small…maybe improve your keyword search and tailor your emails to your target audience. Stop generalizing.

    • Have you ever really looked at the ads on the side of your Facebook page? Not only do they take information from your settings, location and websites you’ve visited but your status updates and comment posts are also analyzed and you are targeted. I always see ads for masters programs within my field, especially programs at the University of Florida. There are ads for similar games to the ones I have played in the past. I am targeted for all these things because of big data.

  2. I think they are useful for consumers too. Consumers are provided with suggestions that match their actual preferences and overall it could help create better products in the future. I know many people take Yelp and Urbanspoon reviews very seriously and if they can monitor all of social media in a similar manner, then they will change their practices to the feedback they are receiving. This will help the consumer in the long run.

    The best way for a company to take advantage of big data is to collect it, analyze it, and figure out the best way to react to it. At Vocus, we call it engage, capture, measure, and improve. Big data allows companies to avoid making the same mistakes while unmasking new opportunities.

    • I completely agree with you on how big data is useful for consumers. But, I don’t know how many consumers will see it that way. Anyone in a field where they collect data like this would probably understand and see it that way also, but people who are more unaware of how it all works will probably dislike it completely regardless of that benefit. This is just my thought though.

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