Google it.

If you have a question how do you generally find the answer? Simple, Google it.

Google (noun & verb): a multi-billion dollar company with a vast array of capabilities. It is the world’s most popular search engine uses algorithms to display the most relevant content to a user’s query. People use the term Google as a verb because it has become such a large company. Other search engines are not even thought of most of the time. People remain loyal to Google.

This search engine discovers, crawls, and serves web pages to users almost instantly as a person begins typing. It starts with Googlebot, “spider,” crawling through billions of pages on the Internet to create an index of websites that are displayed, giving a higher importance to those that are most relevant. As a newer web designer, this system seems brilliant from both the user and designer standpoints.

Google analytics allows you to measure your advertising ROI as well as other things like social sources. Google’s social reporting tool can be extremely advantageous as it analyzes everything in one location, thus, saving time. Google’s capabilities seem endless since it can even recognize the interactions people had with a company’s website and the value of the conversions. As a user, how do you feel about Google analyzing how you interact with a website socially? Do you feel like your privacy has been invaded?

If you are new to Google Analytics, or are looking for new tips check out KISSmetrics for 50 resources on the topic.


6 thoughts on “Google it.

  1. Thanks for the Google Analytics tips. I just watched the video for beginners and it help me a lot to understand more how to use this tool. It will take me some hours to watch and read all the tips but it is worth it.
    I do not mind the fact that Google analyzes the pages that I visit on the web. I am intrigued to know everything about Google and I want to study and understand more its whole structure.

    • I’m glad the video helped you Catalina! There are so many resources compiled on that one webpage, it could assist a beginner or even an expert.

      Like you, it doesn’t necessarily phase me that Google analyzes the pages I visit on the Web. As an advertiser, I see how beneficial that information is for a company. But, I do see both sides of the story and why others don’t agree with it.

  2. Awesome resource! Thanks for sharing. Your questions make me think that “big brother” is watching. However, I think Google is a “good guy” overall. I think they use the data the collect to help me more than harm me. Another thought is that they have SO much data on everyone that average users probably will never be singled out.

  3. Great resource on tips for using Google! For some reason unlike with Behavioral Targeting, I do not feel like Google is invading my privacy. The data that they find helps websites to understand how users use their sites and how to make sites more user friendly. By analyzing how I interact with a website socially I do not feel like I am being targeted. To me, I feel like the site is instead using my habits for their enhancement. It is similar to how stores keep track of what their consumers buy in-store to see what they need to keep in stock and what is not selling as fast. I agree that Google has so much data that they almost are unable to single out one person!

  4. Most internet users today are aware that actions performed on the web are not totally private. There were court cases where a defendant’s past web searches were used against them. For the most part, I believe the information Google tracks can be beneficial to the site visitor. It allows digital marketer’s to target visitors with information they may actually find of interest instead of bombarding everyone with inapt solicitations.

  5. Like all of you, I am a huge fan of Google. I understand that basically everything I do online is being tracked and analyzed by a researcher or marketer. I think my advertising background gives me a deeper understanding on why this is done and it doesn’t phase me. But, I think some people do feel like Big Brother is watching with Google even scanning email messages. Some people feel like that is crossing the line and others don’t look into the privacy policy and have no idea. Do you think that is still okay?

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